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hands that made nightmares real

it's a sadly epic - or epically sad - world that we live in

1 February 1990
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Name: Mail Jeevas
Alias(es): Matt/Red.
Universe: AU - where Misa Amane is first Kira, and Yagami Light is second Kira.
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 115
Blood Type: O
Likes: Video games
Dislikes: Going out/big crowds.
Ethnicity: 50% French; 50% Irish.

Hair's normally messy. Doesn't wear goggles anymore, but keeps them tucked into his back pocket, for sentimental reasons. Normally wears striped shirts and sweaters, both long sleeve and short, in a variety of colors. Always found in blue jeans, at the very least. Never wears shoes anymore; unless otherwise noted, bare foot. Has died twice; killed once by B in the hallway/kitchen, and stabbed to death in his world by a mafia bodyguard. Speaks fluent French, English, and Spanish, but doesn't remember much Russian, Latin, or Japanese over the years. When he gets stressed or angry, the Irish accent from his father's side starts to show; the thickness of this accent is a good indication of his anxiety level.

Knows some self-defense; it's mostly a combination of capoeira, which he was taught at Wammy's, boxing, and various forms of street-fighting - the latter of which he was taught by the Mello from his world. He's also very creative when coming up with new ways to defend himself, and will definitely put his own well-being and his Mello's before anyone else's.

People I Know:
Surly - down_to_nowhere *My Mello, and the only person who really seems to get me in the Mansion; friendly (depending on whether your name starts with an 'N' or not) and somewhat protective. We can have some wild and crazy times, often with either alcohol, a motorcycle, an inflated head, or a combination of the three; always there for me when I need 'im, and likewise.

(*NOTE: Red and Surly's muns have come to a standing agreement about threadjumping and slight godmoding in each other's tags regarding the other. So nyah. XD)

Mel - chilichoc *The first chick!Mello I've come across; she's not bad, but her fuckin' rack throws me off sometimes. Not somethin' I'm used to while talkin' to Mello.

Sugar!Misa - saccharinesugar *This Misa's one helluva trip. She curses, she drinks, and she doesn't bullshit; it's quite refreshing, actually.

Grumpy - notsomellow *The Mello from my world. We didn't part ways on the best of notes, but I still hope he's okay. Wherever he is.
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